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Sonography (USG)

Sonography is a safe medical practice that uses high-density sound waves to produce optic images of organs, tissues, or blood flow inside the body. Sonography may be used to check the abdomen, breasts, prostate, female reproductive organs, heart, blood vessels, and other areas.

Our Features Services

  • Dedicated ultrasound machine for Obstetrics & Gynecological imaging
  • Highly calibrated Sonography Machine with advanced features - Voluson E8 Expert.
  • Highly qualified Sonologists - Dr. Madhav Kulkarni, Dr. Sachin Patil, Dr. Shrikant Ambardekar, Dr. Yogesh Kamble &
               Dr. Dipmala Nandeshwar
  • Well trained technical staff
  • We provide colour images of the sonography

Most safe, non invasive procedure

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