Quality Policy

Kerala Flood Donation - Subsequent to the natural calamity, we contributed to the medical rehabilitation of flood affected victims in the state of Kerala.

Quality Policy for Kamat Hospital

The finest sign of a Maternity Hospital is the satisfied, smiling faces of parents with a healthy newborn. We at Kamat Hospital are committed to quality as an integral part of our operations, including high – end medical treatment, professional nursing, individual care, a friendly and familiar atmosphere, with patient’s satisfaction and safety in mind.

Our motto is to continually improve our services for patient care. This motto is translated through compliance of quality standards in healthcare accreditation. Our quality improvement programme is implemented under close control and monitoring of entire services provided by the hospital.

Being a best maternity hospital, we always try to ensure that each member of the hospital focuses on a common goal of effectiveness of a process ending up with patients satisfaction by fulfilling the following parameters like quality indicators, audits, mock drills and patients satisfaction feedbacks.

Quality mapping in the words of Kamat Hospital is to provide care to every patient without bias, from rich to low economic class of patients.

The quality improvement process is designed to prepare improvement plans and take action on patient’s feedback regarding clinical and management functions in a time bound manner.